You are probably referred to a lot as a PK (pastor’s kid), or MK (missionary kid).  We think that stinks. We would simply like to call you by your first name, no labels, just you for who you are and who you are becoming.  En Gedi Retreat is for you, and even more than just a location, we are here for you.  Maybe you are a 15 year old whose dad is a pastor, or a 65 year old whose parents were missionaries; we would love to listen to your journey and be there for you.  Don’t hesitate to call or write, we have been “there”, in fact, we are “there.”

From one PK to another: 

Yes, I am a PK, too, or I was one.  In reality, I guess once a PK, always a PK.  So how do you feel about being a PK?  Maybe cool with it?  Indifferent?  Angry?  Embarrassed?  Proud?  Frustrated?  Blessed?  Deprived?  All of the above and more?  I can relate.  I have had each of those feelings at different times because of my parents’ full-time ministry commitments.  Money seemed to always be a struggle, vacations are few and far between and when I was a much younger PK, I always hated going back to school and hearing other kids talk about where they had gone on vacation…neat places with cool attractions.  I would usually just shrink away and move on to doing something else before the other kids wanted to know what neat thing I had done for vacation.  My vacation was either a week at church camp—which I worked to pay for myself–or a trip to my grandparent’s farm. Well, fellow PKer, En Gedi Retreat is for you, and it’s not your grandparent’s farm. 

-Steve Schmidt, Legacy Co-director