Learn about En Gedi

     En Gedi Retreat is a free vacation and retreat home for pastors and missionaries, and a 501 (c) 3 organization. Its purpose is to keep pastors and missionaries “Rested, Refreshed, and Renewed” in their service to the Kingdom. It is available to full time and bi-vocational pastors to include worship leaders, youth pastors, and other full-time ministry workers directly involved in pastoring, teaching, and leading. This includes full-time missionaries whose primary mission/work is the spreading of the gospel through mission work.

Our primary location – En Gedi Retreat Colorado, Steamboat Springs.  

En Gedi Retreat’s primary facility is located just west of Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  The home is situated on 40 acres and boasts two full bedrooms and three full baths, sleeping room for families as big as eight, and a 900 square foot wrap around deck.  The kitchen is fully equipped with all modern appliances as well as numerous smaller appliances such as a waffle maker, blender, crock pot, pizza oven, and plenty of dishes for baking casseroles, cookies, and muffins.  

To request a stay at this home and get a full welcome packet with all the details of the home, booking, and lots of other great information, send us a booking request.  You can find the booking request information at the  bottom of this page.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is En Gedi for?

          En Gedi Retreat is available to pastors who need time alone with God, then to pastors, missionaries, as well as their families.

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What is “Open Use”?

At En Gedi Retreat, “we provide the place and He provides the God.”

There are no programs, schedules, counseling, or agendas. We trust that you know best how to spend your time with God, whether alone, just your spouse, or your whole family. Sleeping, hiking, skiing, watching movies, studying, mission planning, or just sitting and talking to God all sound like good ideas to us!


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How do I book?

          Booking is as simple as sending an e-mail to engedi@engediretreat.org Please include:

-Your Name and Position/Title

-Desired dates of visit

-Church/Mission name and website

-Number of people coming (include ages)

-Cell phone number and home address


Is it really free?


En Gedi is available at no cost to those who use it.  We raise finances in order to support the building process and upkeep so no pastor or missionary will be able to use the “I don’t have enough money” excuse to not go on a vacation..

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Any Questions?

Please feel free to send us an e-mail or give

us a call and request a welcome packet,

it is full of all of the good details of how we work.

We are here to serve, and can be contacted at:


(719) 963-3983


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