En Gedi Apprentice 

Chase Lovins 

Who is Chase?

Chase was born in 1992 in Brownsburg, Indiana. He lived there for a very short time until his Father met a guy on a plane who suggested that he “move his family right now where he intends to retire”. Within a year, Chase was entering the 3rd grade in a new school in Fort Mill, SC. He “received Christ” at a young age, but didn’t fully fall in love with the Lord until he was a Senior in High School through a loving encounter with the Holy Spirit. Chase lived in Fort Mill throughout grade school until he moved to Charleston to attend a military college called The Citadel. At The Citadel, Chase endured his first year as a ‘knob’ (similar to pledging for a fraternity + military boot camp + freshman year academics), learning to honor the Lord even in the midst of a challenging system. For 4 years, he was involved in Cru, formerly Campus Crusade for Christ, where he grew spiritually and made some of his most intimate friendships. After graduating from The Citadel, Chase knew he had a desire to go into ministry, but did not feel led to seminary. After finding out about En Gedi, he sought the Lord and eventually sent Carl an e-mail asking if he would be willing to accept Chase as an apprentice for a year. Carl consented and Chase was brought on as En Gedi Retreat’s first apprentice.

Chase is currently attending Steamboat Christian Center where he is heavily involved with their 20something ministry. He enjoys hiking, taking photos, skiing, and watching movies! Chase has no idea what the Lord has for him after this year, but is learning (reluctantly) to be content in the now, and to trust the Lord with the next steps. He hopes to one day be in full time ministry, but doesn’t see himself in a conventional pastoral role.

“En Gedi is not about just providing a place, it’s about getting Pastors and Missionaries to connect with God, their families, and themselves. Once that happens, we have succeeded.”

What Chase does:



As En Gedi’s first Apprentice, Chase and Carl are constantly pioneering what the position looks like. Chase currently spends his days doing as much as he can to lighten Carl’s load. He does everything from meeting with pastors and missionaries, to cleaning the Lance Cabin, to interviewing men and women about rest, to writing book reviews about rest. Chase’s days are mostly filled with designing the website you are currently viewing. With no web design background, he felt the Lord leading him to fulfill this great need in En Gedi’s ministry.

This upcoming summer, Chase has been tasked with maintaining and operating the Aspen Ridge Ranch Opportunity House. He will be doing some work on the ranch while care-taking the two premises on the ranch that pastors and missionaries will be staying.