Fish and Cross Ranch

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Located at the base of the Little Flattops behind Yampa-the Gateway to the Flattops, the historic ranch captures each visitor with its majestic beauty. Fish and Cross is a  20,000 acre working-cattle ranch with 4,000 deeded acres, surrounded by 1.2 million acres of Routt National Forest. Fish and Cross Ranch has partnered with Pack Country Outfitters  to  provide endless adventure and relaxation opportunities on The Ranch. Fish and Cross Ranch seeks to provide guests with a personalized experience allowing them to enjoy the distinctive service, heritage, and beauty the ranch has to offer.

“Fish and Cross Ranch has something for everyone! Whatever your age, or gender, you’ll leave the ranch with memories that will last a lifetime.”

A Working Cattle Ranch


A very rich cattle history accompanies Fish & Cross Ranch, formerly Lazy EH Ranch. From the mid-1900s, ranchers used the land for running cattle and say its peak was in the 1980s when the managers were running 2,500 yearling steers. Under Lazy EH management, the 500-600 pound steers and feeder heifers did well on the ranch’s lush green grass and through Arizona partnerships were able to grow into feeder-weight cattle. Fish & Cross Ranch wants to preserve the “cowboy way” and to allow the rich agriculture heritage to remain a part of the current program.


The National Versatility Ranch Horse Association strives to showcase the ranch horse and rider via programs and events.  The NVRHA maintains a fun and educational environment while assisting riders and horses as they develop skills in cutting, roping, trail, pleasure, and cow work while also emphasizing conformation.  NVRHA and Fish & Cross Ranch have partnered for three years to preserve the west’s unique ranching heritage.  Through a week-long exclusive event, we create a venue in a true ranch environment where riders and their horses can test the skills they have practiced in NVRHA clinics and competitions.