Pais Movement 

Established in 1992, The Pais Movement is a bridge between schools and churches. With offices on five continents, it trains, equips, mentors and resources Youth Pastors plus offers a Free Apprenticeship in Youth & Campus Leadership including training, accommodation & meals. Pais places full-time teams in churches for a year at a time. Apprentices then work in both the schools and churches, equipping students to change their school and community.

“Pais is the only organization of its kind. It recruits and mentors passionate young people to serve the community, to work through the church and to bring the presence of Christ into our public schools. I can’t think of a time in history where this kind of work is more needed.

Pais Apprenticeship

The Pais Movement offers a Free Apprenticeship in youth and campus leadership including training, accommodation & meals.  Apprentices are trained in the three distinctives of Pais: mission, discipleship, and study. They empower young people to live out their faith within their school and community. Training includes Leadership, Communication, Mentoring, and Presentation skills. By the end of the year, those who join an apprenticeship will grow in confidence, character, and in their walk with God. Applicants can choose to stay in their own nation or go oversees. They are always looking for young adults who have a track record of church commitments and service.

The Pais Movement offers the same apprenticeship in multiple nations.
They have teams on five continents: Europe, North America, South America, Africa, and Asia. Some of the teams in these nations are well established and have many of the Pais programs operating within them. Some however, are still being pioneered. In every nation however, the same course and training is provided because of a specialist team called Global Pais. No matter what nation apprentices choose, they will receive the same excellent Pais resources.