Does it Make a Difference?


En Gedi Retreat not only provides free retreats for pastors and missionaries, we work had on making sure they have no excuse not to take a retreat!  We provide financial assistance to pastors who need a little support in getting here.  We provide fill-in preaching for churches of all sizes so a pastor knows his congregation is well cared for in his absence.  We talk with churches about healthy pastors so they are motivated to give ample time off to their pastors.  We interview pastors and share their stories of success and failures so pastors can learn from each other.  We care about your pastor!



Statistically, pastoral burnout is the number one reason pastors leave the ministry.  There are many reasons for this, but we believe the best way to keep a pastor healthy is to give him a first-class free home to simply “be” in.  No programs, no counseling, nothing but time alone with God or with family.  When a pastor comes, it is the beginning of serving from a better place, a place of rest. 

Wondering if pastors like En Gedi Retreat as much as we do?  

Here are just a few of their letters.

“Our last few years have been hellish.  You and I talked about it a little:  my son was hit by a car….my wife was diagnosed with cancer, and we were pastoring a church restart with more problems than I can describe.  In every way, I was in bad shape.  I was expecting to get there and immediately unwind, but that was not the case. Shockingly, after 3 days I remember waking up and going for a walk.  On that walk I recall a massive amount of emotions erupting from within, it was as if things were getting worse.  I began to think about it and what I realized was this:  I had been living such a hectic and chaotic lifestyle that I did not have time to process what I was going thru, so layers and layers of bad emotions were repressed and unresolved.  What I discovered was that after three days all I was able to do was cut thru the first couple of layers and expose the real problems.” 

“The Lord blessed me with a return trip here when I could bring my wife. Just as He did when I came alone last time. He met me, He met her, and He met us.”

“To merely say that God has been all over this time here would be an understatement. There has been many tears, many moments of healing, many moments of clarity of what He wants next for my call. This has been huge for me.”

“These seven days away with Jesus have meant more to me than I can begin to articulate.”

“We believe God used you and En Gedi to minister to our need for relaxation and time away together.”

“Such a peaceful time of reflection and reading and celebrating our time together.”

“We had a much needed rest before continuing our journey.”

“I realize En Gedi did not fix my problems, but it afforded me the atmosphere where I could start the process, an atmosphere that I could not find around the church.  There is always someone in crisis, something the church needs done, or someone in the hospital.  I know so many pastors who would agree with me in saying that I simply cannot find rest in the context of my church.  I desperately need to get away, to retreat and be refreshed, so I can return in a more beneficial state, emotionally, physically, and especially spiritually.”

“These days spent at the Lance Cabin came at a good time for us in the midst of ministry and family demands.  Our prayer is that all of your guests will be blessed as we have.” 

 “Thank you for a wonderful week.  My wife and sons rejoiced in the spiritual retreat God provided for us through your ministry. We are returning home refreshed and renewed!”

“Thank you for this wonderful gift for our family!  Many times pastor’s kids get the “raw end” of the deal, but these last couple of days we’ve told our kids that this is a big advantage to bring a PK-they’ve felt spoiled here and for that especially, we are grateful.”

“We love staying at En Gedi. Thank you so much for your ministry!”

Will you join us in making a difference?

Your partnership with this ministry will ensure pastors and missionaries continue to experience

true rest and refreshment in their service to the Kingdom. Thank you!