En Gedi History


2006 – Fish and Cross Ranch

En Gedi Retreat began, and while we began raising money to build our first En Gedi Retreat home, Fish and Cross Ranch graciously allowed us to use their guest house and cabins to host pastors and missionaries.


2008 – Faithful with Little

Butch Dougherty donated a cabin to En Gedi Retreat. We named it after his son, Lance.  All we had to do was moved the cabin 30 miles from Steamboat to Fish and Cross Ranch (it sounded easy then, too).


2009 – Foundations

We poured the foundation for the The Lance Cabin, got the septic system in, and prepared the cabin for the move.


2010 – Going Full Time

We moved the cabin 30 miles, set it on the foundation, and did a major upgrade to everything.  In August, we began hosting pastors on a full time basis.


2011-2012 – Perfecting the Experience

Hosting over 50 guests a year and continuing to make The Lance Cabin better and better defined these years.


2013 – Thailand

 En Gedi Retreat made use of a temporary facility in Hua Hin, Thailand for six months, hosting missionaries from around the Far East. We also began recruiting and developing our volunteer staff to help reach pastors spouses, children, and congregations.

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2014 – Broken Arrow

In addition to hosting over 60 pastors and missionaries, we began an effort to help pastors become more authentic with those they serve.

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2015 – Finishing and Beginning

This year we will focus on 3 major fronts: finishing the final details of the Lance Cabin while making use of Aspen Ridge Ranch, continue to pioneer the Broken Arrow and Authentic Interview effort, and seek to gather partners for establishing a permanent facility in Hua Hin, Thailand.

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The Future:

Currently on staff we have four couples ready to maintain additional retreat facilities in the United States.  We are praying that God would guide us into new retreat home opportunities so that we can continue to meet our growing demand.