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En Gedi Retreat was founded in my living room, just a simple calling from God “You provide the home, and I will provide the God.”  I didn’t know a thing about pastors really, I wasn’t saved by one, my father wasn’t one, and I didn’t really have any influential ones in my life.  It is quite possible I was the most unqualified person on Earth to be given the task of building a retreat home for pastors.  However, God put a place in my heart that hurts when they hurt, rejoices when they do, and that spot is only fulfilled when I am helping them.

After a few years of pondering the idea, I said a simple prayer one night, “God, I am tired of thinking about this, please say ‘yes’ or ‘no’.  If you say ‘no’, I will forget about this crazy idea, if you say ‘yes’, I trust you will provide everything along the way.”

He said, “Yes.”  You can read that whole story here, but suffice to say that His provision along the way has been sufficient.  I would ask that you pray about being part of that provision as we grow and help pastors in a truly profound way.

-Carl Walker, Founder of En Gedi Retreat

Help us minister to the Ministers.

Wondering if your donation will make a difference?


En Gedi Retreat is funded by everyday people who care about our work.  In general, we do not ask churches to donate because it makes their pastor feel awkward. However, some churches do donate to En Gedi out of their missions budget.  We have no paid staff, and 100% of all donations go to helping pastors stay rested, refreshed, and renewed. 


We accept and need a few different kinds of donations.


Financial:  It, of course, takes money to run En Gedi Retreat, and we are always seeking additional funding to procure more places for pastors to rest.


Properties: See our Opportunity Housing Page by clicking here



Would you consider financially partnering with En Gedi Retreat?