En Gedi Retreat

                             at Thailand

En Gedi Retreat was privileged to have the use of a well-appointed apartment in Thailand for six months in 2013.  This facility was offered to us by a missionary and En Gedi used his apartment to host missionaries in need of rest and retreat.  The temporary facility was a huge success and demonstrated a crucial need for establishing a permanent En Gedi Retreat in Thailand.

Thailand is a large hub for Christian mission organizations with over 5,000 missionaries currently serving in country.  Thailand also serves as a launch point for missionaries serving in closed countries like China, Cambodia, etc. This makes Thailand an ideal location for a retreat center.

So, is En Gedi in Thailand currently?

Unfortunately, no.

Before going into any new endeavor, En Gedi Retreat seeks to ensure the sustainability and reproducibility of every retreat we establish. As such, we seek to lay the appropriate groundwork for any future full-time retreat center to be successful. The temporary retreat center in Thailand in 2013, was an exploratory effort to determine need and viability. After 6 months of solid bookings in a opportunity facility and a week long trip to Thailand by Carl, En Gedi’s founder, we have verified a huge need, and believe with proper finances it is completely viable.

En Gedi Retreat is seeking partners to help purchase and launch a permanent retreat facility in Hua Hin, Thailand.  We already have the personnel in place to care for this property, but need the finances to make this a reality.


Can we make Thailand a Permanent Facility?