Finding En Gedi: Retreat & Symposium

Finding En Gedi: Retreat & Symposium

Latigo Ranch, Kremmling Colorado.

June 23-29, August 25-31.

15 Couples per retreat (no children)

Partial Scholarships are available for the June Retreat.

  Finding En Gedi: Retreat and Symposium Video 

Would you like to pastor stronger?

Would you like to pastor further?

Would you like to enjoy this journey more?

What if you could take a retreat, and simultaneously be taught how to retreat?

This year, 30 couples will have the opportunity to retreat to the mountains of Colorado for a weeklong, life-changing retreat. They will learn how to execute rest in such a way that they can pastor stronger, and farther, and take more enjoyment during the journey. Would you like to be one of those pastoral couples?  Keep reading.  

Full On Retreat Mode

The retreat portion will include daily horseback riding, fly fishing, hiking, white water rafting, first-class food, dancing, a private concert, and so much more.  The symposium will include teaching and practical exercises on rest. Topics will include Thresholds for authenticity, success, rest, and load shedding; Bespoken rest and how God has designed you for a very specific kind of rest unique to you; Strategies and practical tips on planning your rest periods; Serving from a place of overflow, rest fatigue, and rest guilt; and How to guide your congregation into a supportive posture of you establishing healthy rhythms and boundaries.

Plan to spend 75% of the time in full retreat mode, and the rest learning and executing the skills needed to implement and understand what it means to “work from a place of rest.”  You will leave having already planned your next retreat.

Just how good is the food?  How does Colorado lamb chops with a reduction of cabernet and black pepper or Loch Duart Scottish salmon with a balsamic gastrique and candied walnuts sound?  I could go on, but you can get a sample of just how amazing your food will be by visiting their dinner club menu curated by Chef Spencer George and sommelier Amanda George. Their dinner club sells out every month!


Because the cost of burnout is extremely high, and sometimes not even measurable.  Relationships, family, money, and hope are just a few of the things lost in the fire of burnout. The cost to the church can be just as high as finding a new pastor has destroyed more than a few churches. But more importantly, this is not a symposium that will teach you how to simply avoid burnout, it will teach you how to thrive, to awake refreshed, how to really experience a “yoke that is easy, and a burden that is light.” Yes, I know that last sentence may sound impossible to you right now, but I assure you it is possible.

 Cost:  June: $8800 per couple ( $4,000 scholarships available for June).  August: $7800 per couple.  Half for single pastors.

En Gedi Retreat, as always, takes no money for the services we offer, but a first-class working cattle ranch run by a loving Christian family, with 40 employees and 80 horses, must pay the bills.  This cost covers everything from the time you arrive at the ranch until the time you leave.   We are encouraging churches to fully fund their pastors for this retreat.  This is an investment in a pastor’s health that will pay major dividends for not only the pastor and their family but for the church as well.   In addition, the church will receive teachings from Carl Walker, En Gedi Retreat’s founder on topics such as:  Your pastor is just like you; Joint ownership of your pastor’s health; Secret Encourager; Practical tips on keeping your pastor healthy; You-the disciple that makes the difference;  and Preacher in Reserve.

Take some time to hear more about the retreat directly from En Gedi Retreats founder, Carl Walker.  Click on this link. 

 Finding En Gedi: Retreat and Symposium


(719) 963-3983

Pastors, you will finish this race. 

But how you finish is up to you. 

Will you crawl across it with a broken heart, a broken marriage, a failed church or two in your past, regretting the choice you made?  Or will you run across it with energy left in your blood, your spirit enlightened, a smile on your face, with no regrets about entering this ministry we call pastoring?

Can you afford not to come to this retreat?

It’s time to choose.  It is time to invest.  It is time to learn.

It is time to commit to maybe the one thing that no one ever taught you about ministry. It is time to get a new, refreshing, practical theology about rest and how to do it.  After almost 20 years of helping pastors rest, we have learned a thing or two that we believe will change the way you pastor, forever.