Pais Project 

Established in 1992, The Pais Project is a bridge between schools and churches. With offices on five continents it trains, equips, mentors and resources Youth Pastors plus offers a Free Apprenticeship in Youth & Campus Leadership including training, accommodation & meals. Pais places full-time teams in churches for a year at a time. Apprentices then work in both the schools and churches, equipping students to change their school and community.
Pais Apprenticeship

The Pais Project offers a Free Apprenticeship* in youth and campus leadership including training, accommodation & meals.  Apprentices will be trained in the three distinctives of Pais: mission, discipleship and study. They empower young people to live out their faith within their school and community. Training includes Leadership, Communication, Mentoring, Presentation skills. By the end of the year those who join an apprenticeship, will grow in confidence, character, and in their walk with God. Applicants can choose to stay in their own nation or go oversees. We are looking for young adults who have a track record of church commitments and service.

Summit Of Light

Called to Serve Christian Ministers

Founded in October 1999 by Minister Oleatha Everett Bethea, Summit of Light is a Christ-
centered, 501(c)(3) ministry with a divine mandate to “minister to ministers.” Praying for, with,
and encouraging them is a significant part of what they do; and Renewed to Soar: Inspiration
from Summit of Light is a book that was written expressly for them.

Another part of Summit of Light’s divine mandate is to provide the men and women of God who
are actively serving small to medium-sized congregations or ministries with times and places
where they may rest. They currently do this by sponsoring a limited number of mini sabbaticals
each year.

With similar missions and passions, En Gedi Retreat and Summit of Light became ministry
partners in May 2017. While similar, there are major differences regarding what our ministries
can offer pastors at this time. Summit of Light serves mostly on the East Coast but even if you
do not live in this geographic region and would like more information about mini sabbaticals,
contact them directly.