Volunteer with En Gedi

As a volunteer-driven ministry, En Gedi is always looking for people to partner with us. There are many ways you can help, from home or abroad. There are generally labor projects that need completed at any of our facilities, permanent or temporary. If you enjoy being outdoors doing carpentry and landscaping, we have something for you during the summer. If working at home from you computer while enjoying a cup of coffee is more your style, we have opportunities for you as well. These opportunities are project-based, and represent what we call project volunteer opportunities. They can range from one day labor projects to several week pastoral interviews. If you are interested in serving En Gedi with your time, labor, skills, or abilities please send an e-mail to engediretreat@earthlink.net

Additionally, we have primary volunteer staff positions to be filled as well. These opportunities represent a more involved commitment, and can also be fulfilled from wherever you are located. Our staff is as diverse as the pastors and missionaries we serve, and are located from Indiana, to Texas, to Colorado, to Utah, and beyond. Our staff is made up of volunteers who have adopted the vision of En Gedi, and are pioneering their positions in order to fulfill that vision. If you are interested in learning more about our current staff, and what they are doing with En Gedi, you may visit the Staff Page by clicking Here.

Why are all of our staff labeled as ‘Directors?’ This is not by coincidence, all of our staff is brought on board in order to not only fulfill their position, but to pioneer it. We are intentional about giving our staff the reins of their position and allowing them to go beyond our expectations.

Currently, there are several staff positions we are seeking to fill: Director of Media, Director of Finance, and Director of International Outreach

Director of Technology

This position would include website development/maintenance, database development, and effectively blending social media to assist in furthering our mission.

Director of Finance

This position would include basic book-keeping, tax-filing, and grant-writing. Additionally, this position would include research of financial and tax implications of new ventures, home and abroad.

Director of International Outreach

This position would include connecting En Gedi Retreat’s vision with pastors, missionaries, churches, and mission organizations outside the United States.

We, at En Gedi Retreat, are also open to discussing possible opportunities for you to serve in other capacities not listed above. We want you to be a part of what En Gedi is doing and help us to reach pastors, missionaries, and their families.