Founder of En Gedi Retreat 

Carl Walker

Who is Carl?

tCarl Walker is the founding director of En Gedi Retreat.  He is married to Audrey and has three children.  He was born in Denver, Colorado where he attended college prior to serving eight years in the United States Army as a reconnaissance pilot on RC-12 Aircraft. While in the Army, Carl attended numerous churches and was active in leading adult, children, youth, technical, home group, teaching, and preaching ministries.  After leaving the Army, Carl moved back to Colorado and is now employed full time as a pilot. In 2003, God laid on Carl’s heart a strong passion for keeping pastors and missionaries healthy.  Following this calling, Carl started En Gedi Retreat, a free, non-denominational, open-use retreat center where pastors and missionaries come for time away from the ministry.  Carl continues his flying career and donates almost all of his spare time to En Gedi Retreat as he sees himself a “tent-maker”.  Carl has a unique passion for helping develop healthy churches by keeping pastors healthy.  He also challenges congregations to take their faith to the next level by sharing his powerful story of the Holy Spirit’s voice in his life.   His direct and passionate style of living and speaking is contagious in both the individual mentoring he does as well as speaking engagements.


Carl currently resides in Steamboat Springs, Colorado where En Gedi Retreat is based.  He is actively reaching out to de-churched people in his community.  He has a strong will to see the kingdom expanded beyond the walls of traditional church.  He enjoys snowboarding, photography, and hiking.

” ‘We provide the space, He provides the God’ is our way of allowing God to help keep pastors from tying their own shoes together.”

What Carl Does:




In addition to being a full time pilot, Carl is in charge of the day-to-day operations of En Gedi Retreat.  He handles all the bookings, partner ministries, and staff coordination.  Currently he is focusing on discipling others to open, run, and facilitate more retreat centers, while he pioneers new ideas like Broken Arrow and Authentic Interviews.