En Gedi Wyoming Golden Prairie Retreat

Considering a stay at the Golden Prairie Retreat? Here are a few things you might like to know!

  • Maximum Length of Stay- 13 Days (14 Nights)

  • Minimum Length of Stay- 2 Nights

  • Maximum Occupancy- 8

  • Square Feet- 1,500

  • Space- 4 Bedroom, 2 Bath, Fully Equipped Kitchen and a Garage

  • Location- 40 Minutes from Cheyenne, Wyoming

En Gedi Retreat Wyoming, Golden Prairie  

En Gedi Retreat’s Golden Prairie location is just 40 minutes from Cheyenne, Wyoming.  This cozy home is situated on open prairie land, directly beside the Golden Prairie Church. Enjoy views of deer, antelope and farmland while nestled into this quiet corner of rural Wyoming. Visit the nearby ‘Ogle Farm’ to feed cows, collect eggs and maybe even check out some baby lambs nearby! Or, enjoy a nice dinner at one of the restaurants in Wyoming’s capitol city.

This retreat boasts four full bedrooms (two upstairs, two downstairs), sleeping room for families as big as eight, two bathrooms (one full, one 1/ 3/4, both on the main floor), a full kitchen, a swing set and basketball hoop outside and room for tents! The kitchen is fully equipped with all modern appliances as well as numerous smaller appliances such as a blender, Crockpot,
muffin pans, cookie sheets, Pyrex, coffee maker
and grinder, tea kettle, and popcorn popper (air).

To request a stay at this home and get a full welcome packet with all the details of the home, booking, and lots of other great information, send us a booking request.