Who Cares?


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Simply put, we do.

The En Gedi family is a group of God’s servants who have a shared passion and burden for pastors and missionaries. When you come to En Gedi, our family is praying for you and yours. That you will receive the rest you need to continue serving the Lord in your calling. That you are refreshed – body, mind and spirit. That you receive renewed strength to meet the needs of your particular ministry.

Meet our family:

Carl Walker, founder of En Gedi Retreat. The retreat is available today because he obeyed the Lord and began this ministry to pastors and missionaries. More of Carl’s story.   (For now this represents a page link)

Grant Clark, Director of National Outreach. While each member of our family works to share the message of En Gedi, Clark focuses on reaching out to the leaders of churches and denominations throughout the United States. More on Grant’s job and calling.

Gary & Judi Ogle, Co-Directors, Pastoral Outreach. Gary and Judi have been pastors for many years. From Colorado to Maine, they have served the Lord in a number of churches and understand the special calling and burden a pastor has. After pastors have visited En Gedi, Gary and Judi call to chat with the pastor and his wife to see how their vacation was. What did you like? What didn’t you like? Let them know how it went so we know what’s successful and how to improve the experience. More about Gary and Judi.

Steve Schmidt, Director of Legacy Outreach. As a Preacher’s Kid, Steve has a passion and burden for today’s young people who MORE LATER

Steve Johnson, Director of Opportunity Housing. While En Gedi’s primary retreat home is in the beautiful mountains of Colorado, we know by the number of inquiries that we can do more. Steve is always on the lookout for potential short-term housing that can be used for additional pastors. Have a time-share you can’t use or want to donate this year? A vacation home you’d be willing to share for a month? Steve wants to hear from you! How he does it.

Don Ogle, Director of Electronic Outreach. Don’s goal is to bring you the story of En Gedi and it’s ministry in the best manner possible. He’s the guy who coordinates the Website and the message it brings to you. If you’re having problems getting something to work, or can’t find something you’re looking for, he’ll be glad to hear from you and help you out. See more on Don’s ministry.

You. Do you share our love for pastors? Would you like to see how you can help your pastor? A friend who is a pastor? Maybe your favorite missionary has been on your heart. Here’s how you can help them.

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